About Scholar 6

We’re striving to make the highest quality independent education more affordable and better suited to a new generation of learners. We want to preserve superb face-to-face teaching but also to redesign schools as flexible networks of academic resources and recreational opportunities in an environment which fosters relationships, resilience and independence. Close pastoral support and the vision of teachers as mentors as well as sources of knowledge underpins the Scholar 6 experience.

Scholar 6 is about much more than technology. It’s about re-imagining 21st century schools to be as productive, interesting and happy as they can be.

Joe Francis, Founding Director

Our Plan

Scholar 6 will launch its first college in London in September 2020, followed by three additional colleges within the capital before expanding into other major UK cities.

But from early 2019 we will be developing Brillder™ content so that the first school goes live with our technology already in place

Our People

The Scholar 6 team brings together teachers and technologists from leading independent and state schools, as well as figures from industry, academia, sport and the arts. The vision we propose is balanced, creative and authoritative – now is the moment when we want to make it real.

Joe Francis
Joe Francis
CEO & Director of Education
“Our mission is to prove that a world-class sixth form education, fit for the 21st century, can be delivered at an affordable price.”
Andy Rothery
Andy Rothery
“The great challenge for all modern schools, regardless of whether they are state or independent, is to find cost-effective ways of using technology to enhance the quality of education children receive.”
Lindsay Macvean
Lindsay Macvean
Chief Technology Officer
“It’s exciting to be creating a technology targeted at sixth-formers within a real school, especially because their experience can refine and improve our product.”
Paul Rooney
Paul Rooney
General Counsel
“The Scholar 6 vision is for a new kind of school and a new kind of technology – there’s no question it can be done but we must get the statutory and legal frameworks right.”

Investment Opportunity

Invest in Scholar 6 and be part of the transformation of sixth form education.

Scholar 6 will be the first sixth form to integrate its own ‘blended’ learning technology on a truly cross-curricular scale. It will be the model to demonstrate how teaching and learning can use technology to become both more effective and more cost-efficient.

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