Our Vision

Bringing education and technology together

Scholar 6 will be the first sixth form to build a bespoke and fully integrated virtual learning environment (VLE) that will reduce operating costs and enable teachers to spend more time educating, guiding and supporting their students. The technology will also be transferable to other schools and individuals making its benefits available to millions of sixth form students.

The Challenge

Our mission is to re-imagine private education in terms of both cost and experience. Our first school, opening in London in 2021, will charge an annual fee of around £13,500 for a four A-level course delivered by an outstanding teaching team and supported by technology tailored to the smartphone generation.

This is a remarkable aspiration in a context where London tutorial colleges rarely charge under £25,000 for three A-levels and where some top London independent schools are charging closer to £30,000 for a day place. But we are also competing with some new, highly selective, maintained sector sixth forms – and we have no illusions about the challenge of attracting good students.

The Experience

We won’t compromise on the financial cost of either teaching excellence or outstanding pastoral support but we do believe, especially in a great capital city, that ingenuity and research – enhanced by the network of resources which the internet now reveals – can create a thriving extra-curricular culture without the need for expensive in-house facilities. Indeed, we are determined to mentor the students in our care not only towards academic success and the judicious choice of courses and careers, but also towards long term physical and mental wellbeing. We want our students to have a sense of joy and freedom in their pursuits and interests and a corresponding sense of their place within, and obligations to, society at large.

The Locations

The Scholar 6 environment will feel like a bridge to university and the world of work. Many sites we are considering are adjacent to office spaces, and the school will itself be a workplace, housing our own software development team (who also deliver Computer Science A- level). For one of our preferred sites a great design has been drawn up for us by Modus Interiors incorporating café and break out areas, defined seminar spaces, one-to-one consultation spaces for tutorials and music lessons, flexible quiet study zones, a reading room, a drawing studio and a stage – all within about 13,000 square feet.

This space won’t only be a school; in the evenings, at weekends and in the holidays it will also be a tuition centre, catering to the current surge in demand for private tuition, but also allowing our school students to pursue a greater variety of courses if they wish.

The longer term vision is not just one school but a brand: a template for a family of schools which develop a reputation for inspiring education and extraordinary value across London, the UK and beyond.

How will Scholar 6 schools be different?

Scholar 6 will be the first sixth form to align its physical and online products into a truly blended education that combines human and digital interaction. It will avoid the common pitfalls of ed tech companies trying to sell into schools and traditional schools trying to adopt disparate technologies.

Why Scholar 6?

Scholar 6 is a step change in sixth form education that will deliver clear benefits to students, parents, teachers, non-Scholar 6 schools and investors.

  • Students

    Learning in a new, exciting and progressive environment that combines world class teaching with technology whilst protecting academic, pastoral and recreational standards.

  • Parents

    The reassurance that your children will receive an affordable world class sixth form education in a safe, nurturing and accessible environment.

  • Teachers

    Being part of a school founded by teachers which knows that teaching is our most valuable resource; helping to create new content for a new technology.

  • Schools

    Brillder™ will enhance your existing traditional offline teaching with a new, exciting technology platform that reduces your operating costs and helps improve academic performance.

  • Investors

    The opportunity to create both a dynamic new school brand and a scalable technology tailored to the smartphone generation.

Our Plan

Scholar 6 will launch its first college in London in September 2021, followed by four additional colleges across the capital before expanding into other major UK cities. Each college will be based on a central model that can be applied to schools across the country and internationally.

Our People

The Scholar 6 team brings together teachers and technologists from leading independent and state schools, as well as figures from industry, academia, sport and the arts. The vision we propose is balanced, creative and authoritative – now is the moment when we want to make it real.

Mark Wang
Mark Wang
It’s not about getting technology into schools, it’s about getting the right technology into schools
Joe Francis
Joe Francis
CEO & Director of Education
Our mission is to prove that a world-class sixth form education, fit for the 21st century, can be delivered at an affordable price.
Andy Rothery
Andy Rothery
The great challenge for all modern schools, regardless of whether they are state or independent, is to find cost-effective ways of using technology to enhance the quality of education children receive.
Lindsay Macvean
Lindsay Macvean
Chief Technology Officer
It’s exciting to be creating a technology targeted at sixth-formers within a real school, especially because their experience can refine and improve our product.

Investment Opportunity

If you are interested in investing in Scholar6, contact us with your details and we will be in touch when our next round of funding commences.

Scholar 6 will be the first sixth form to integrate its own ‘blended’ learning technology on a truly cross-curricular scale. It will be the model to demonstrate how teaching and learning can use technology to become both more effective and more cost-efficient.

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