What is Brillder™?

Brillder™ is a unique online Learning Management System devised by Scholar 6 that is being built specifically to integrate with our own curriculum and pedagogy. It is an engaging virtual learning environment that incorporates gamification to set students scholarly and intelligently interactive tasks as a compelling and rewarding way of supplementing the subjects that are taught in the classroom. It will enable a truly ‘blended’ learning experience, delivering increased efficiency and reduced operating costs whilst protecting academic, pastoral and recreational standards.


The Online Jungle

The internet is full of educational resources. The problem isn’t their quantity but their quality. Teachers can trawl for hours to assemble good materials; while students, revising or researching on their own, are not always best placed to distinguish the useful from the misleading.

The commendable aspiration that the internet would become an ‘open resource’ empowering free education hasn’t quite worked out that way. There are many fantastic sites and sources, some free, but provision is uneven and disparate. There has also been a degree of naïve optimism about the extent to which children and teenagers are capable of educating themselves online.

Brillder is a publishing model. Our realisation is that – just as with book publishing – quality of online content can only be assured by rigorous editorial process and by rewarding skilled authors. But publishing interactive materials for the digital age is about much more than digitising books. It is about creating a new form – coherent, compelling, reliable and scalable – which reflects the possibilities of online, touchscreen technology and which embeds and protects valuable content. We call this form the ‘scholar brick’ – a unit of study ‘built’ by subject specialists, selected and set by teachers (who may also be builders) and undertaken by students.

Our three portals: builders create our scholar bricks, teachers select and set them, students ‘play’ them, steadily developing a personal library to revise from or re-play as they choose.

The Brillder format distils the simple, sound logic of long-standing educational practice into a contemporary interactive experience for the modern student. Its four stages – brief and preparation, investigation, synthesis, review – are steeped in proven practice which works across all subjects. Its many interactive features (including select, type, drag and drop, live countdowns and scores, embedded ‘reveals’ or hints) allow the student to think responsively, engaging with what we call our ‘tests that teach’ methodology.

In the ‘information age’, there is a widespread misconception that information is the same thing as knowledge. Knowledge is about understanding information, not merely locating it. Brillder offers no magic ‘tech’ solution to achieving subject mastery – hard study remains a key part of academic success. But it does allow study to be assigned, undertaken and tracked within an ingeniously efficient structure which contextualises information for students, weds it to understanding and, we hope, helps to build brilliant minds.



Why use Brillder™?

Brillder™ commissions and curates online content created by top subject specialists and honed in a real teaching environment by our own students and teachers.

  • Students – easy to use, engaging content, accessible anywhere on multiple devices

  • Parents – the reassurance that high quality study can be done online
  • Teachers – clear dashboards, faster marking, automated reporting, time saving

  • Schools – no expensive infrastructure necessary, scalable, cost saving

How to access Brillder™

Investment Opportunity

If you are interested in investing in Scholar6, contact us with your details and we will be in touch when our next round of funding commences.

Scholar 6 will be the first sixth form to integrate its own ‘blended’ learning technology on a truly cross-curricular scale. It will be the model to demonstrate how teaching and learning can use technology to become both more effective and more cost-efficient.

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